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The Corona-situation

As most of you probably know I am a Norwegian citizen living in Norway in the wintertime.

The current situation with the Corona virus and closed borders makes it now impossible for me to travel to Crete to prepare Villa Marella for the season.

My plan was to travel to Crete next saturday, the 18. April, and to open for my first guests in the beginning of May.

This is now impossible, and I really dont know when I can travel and when I can open.

The Greek authorities now say that they might reopen the borders to countries with low infection spread about 1. July, but it must be assumed that every person entering the country will have to undergo a corona test.

When the borders open and the flights to Crete starts up again, my aim is to be on the very first plane.

At the moment we just have to wait and see what happens, and hope for a good solution to the problem very soon.

I hope to see you all in the summer.

Until than take care, protect yourselves, and stay healthy !

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