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  • Frank Marella Olsen

Thank you for a wonderful season !

The season of 2019 is now over at Villa Marella.

But what a season we have had !!!

Compared to last year the number of bookings have increased by a stunning 42 % !

Especially from Airbnb, we have experienced great growth, and the feedback from our guests is simply wonderful. Absolutely all of our Airbnb guests have given us 5 stars, and now on October 1st,

we also achieved Superhost status.

Airbnb Superhost !

The Superhost emblem.

Here you can see our listings on Airbnb and all the reviews we have received from satisfied customers:

Well, to be honest all of Our other guests, from HomeAway and from Our website, have also given us 5 out of 5 stars, so we are very satisfied with this season !

Finally I would like to thank all our guests for staying with us this season and I hope to see many of them again some other time.

The bookings for next year has already began and some weeks are already fully booked.

So, hurry up to secure your vacation at Villa Marella you too !

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