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  • Frank Marella Olsen

Plaka Beach in Kissamos

One of Our favorite beaches in Our area is located in Kissamos, approximately 20 minutes drive from Villa Marella.

It is a shallow, sandy Beach with lots of sunbeds.

The sunbeds are "free" if you buy a coffee, a drink or a sandwich from the Plaka tavern.

This Beach is ideal if there is strong Wind and to high waves to swim on the other beaches.

The Beach is very shallow, and the waves break long way out and gets smaller before they reach land, so you can decide for yourself how big waves you will have hitting you.

Plaka tavern offers a wide variety of food for lunch and dinner, as well as drinks and icecream.

You may also be served at the sunbed, just wait for the waiter.

To find this beach you must drive through the center of Kissamos and turn right after a small bridge with yellow crash barriers. There are signs for both Plaka beach and Maria beach, which is a hotel on the same beach. You can park directly by the beach or at the back of Plaka tavern where there is a big, free, parking lot.

Sunset at plaka beach.

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