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  • Frank Marella Olsen

We now launch: Hand Luggage Only !

As is known, most airlines are now well paid for checked in baggage.

And which item is it that takes most of the Space in Your suitecase, and prevents you from using only handluggage on Your holiday-trip ? Yes, Your Beach Towel ! But now you can come to Villa Marella with only hand luggage! Leave the Beach Towel and most of the clothes at home, you probably do not use them after all. With us, you can now rent a big, soft bath towel for just 4 Euro for your entire vacation.

In addition, we can wash the few clothes you have with you in your hand luggage for as little as 2 Euro per. wash. (applies with 2 persons)

We have made 3 different packages suiteable for 5, 10 or 15 days vacation: Small: A large Beach Towel for each guest. Price per Guest 4 Euro. Price pr. person 4 Euros. Medium: A large Beach Towel for each guest, changed after 5 days and a laundry for each apartment after 5 days. Price pr. person 6 Euros. Large: A large Beach Towel for each guest changing after 5 and 10 days, and two laundry for each apartment after 5 and 10 days. Price pr. person 8 Euros.

So why not drop checked in baggage and use the Money on pleasure instead ? "Hand luggage only" can be ordered upon request or as an additional item in the order form on our website.

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