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Thank you all !

The season here at Villa Marella is now over.

Despite the corona-situation the season has been no less than fantastic.

Since the first guests checked in the 11. July we have had in total 45 bookings !

Guests from 15 different countries have visited us this year, and new countries on our list this year is Brazil, Check Republic, Slovenia and Romania.

The country we have had most guests from, by a large margin, is France, with 19 bookings,

followed by UK (7), Germany (4), Italy (3) and Poland (2).

From the following countries we have had one booking from each:

Ireland, Switserland, Romania, Check republic, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Greece, Brazil and Norway.

I would like to thank you all for making the season of 2020 great here at Villa Marella !

Now the autumn has come also here in Crete, with wind, rain and thunder.

Now it is time to look forward towards next year and to wonder what that will bring.

Let us all hope for a more normal situation, and that even more of you will have the opportunity to visit Crete and Villa Marella !

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